Pattern R+D uses advanced analysis tools and methods to design for building energy, daylighting, and thermal comfort performance. Our focus is on using tools and processes that create a truly parametric design space to analyze more alternatives faster than with conventional methods. Pattern r+d uses a broad variety of validated industry-standard tools to support the decision-making process during the initial stages of design.


    Pattern r+d uses a rapid feedback methodology to give designers feedback regarding energy, daylight, glare, comfort and more when it would make the most difference.


    Pattern r+d optimizes for thermal and visual comfort to increase occupant productivity.


    Pattern r+d has developed a unique cost vs energy work plan for helping us understand building performance in varying design stages.


    Pattern uses advanced analysis tools and methods to design architecture optimized for building energy, daylighting, and thermal comfort performance. When rational decision making is combined with exuberant and beautiful design the result is compelling architecture authentic to its context and respectful of our planet.


    The Pattern Home champions the highest level of sustainable and high performance design. We practice a holistic, systems based approach to homes for the 21st century. A sustainable home is incomplete without comfortable, glare free, naturally lit spaces. We work to achieve the most comfortable indoor spaces with limited impact on the energy.


    Patrick Chopson

    Focusing on the crossover between architecture and technology, Patrick Chopson leads Pattern r+d, a building analytics consulting firm delivering daylight, cost, and energy model-ing services. Graduating in 2014 with a MS in High Performance Buildings from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he co-founded the Energy Lab at Perkins +Will.

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    Sandeep Ahuja

    A graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology, Sandeep Ahuja focuses her team on high performance buildings. Having worked on over 40 high performance building projects, Sandeep leads Pattern r+d to integrate performance into every phase of design. She recently explored electric vehicle integration for the Ford Motor Company and co-founded the Energy Lab at Perkins +Will.

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    Julian Quinn

    Graduating in 2013 with his Bachelor of Architecture of Southern Polytechnic State University, Julian Quinn focuses his creative energy on design, project delivery, and client development. Prior to joining Pattern, Julian worked for four years in Jacobs Atlanta office with the Advanced Planning Group. During this time he had the opportunity to work on projects domestic and international; diverse in scale, scope and phase of design.

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    Mailing Address: Pattern Research and Design | 50 Hurt Plaza Suite 655, Atlanta, GA 30303 | Phone: (770) 740-2617 | e-mail: info@patternarch.com

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