Who we are

Pattern r+d focuses on performance driven design solutions. The team is composed of architects and high performance buildings specialists who work together to deliver the optimal combination of health, sustainability and cost for your home.

Why choose us

Pattern r+d champions the highest level of sustainable and high performance design. We practice a holistic, systems based approach to homes for the 21st century. A sustainable home is incomplete without comfortable, glare free, naturally lit spaces. We work to achieve the most comfortable indoor spaces with limited impact on the energy. Computational design allows us to simultaneously compare thousands of alternatives, allowing us to make the best cost decisions. Get the specialized services to hit aggressive LEED and WELL Building standards for the highest quality home on the market.

Historic Preservation Speciality

Historic preservation presents itself with a unique challenge of conservation of the intent while giving new meaning to the design. We have worked with the Urban Design Commission of many projects to create a design that preserves the historic value of the projects while still creating beautiful occupiable space on the interior.

Our Process

  • Creating  a Design: Pattern r+d will help refine a schematic design into a construction set for the project. Construction documents begin once you approve the final design. These documents are used for obtaining permits and consist of plans, elevations, and sections, which detail and dimension the scope of work. All building code items are addressed.
  • Sustainability Review: Pattern r+d will run energy models and advanced daylight models to test for energy use and daylight penetration in the living spaces to assist in making decisions. These simulations are not a prediction of future performance but solely for making rational decisions. Actual performance will vary based on construction and occupant usage.
  • Stick to the Budget: Pattern r+d will work with the contractor through meetings and phone conversations to refine the construction documents to stay within the budget of the owner.
  • Get the Permits: Pattern r+d will provide drawings to a plan expeditor and coordinate with the expeditor to get the drawings through review as fast as possible.
  • Getting your house built: Pattern r+d will coordinate with the contractor during construction to answer questions about the design and visit the site every two weeks to observe the work and advise the owner of any observed discrepancies with the construction documents.




Mailing Address: Pattern Research and Design | 50 Hurt Plaza Suite 655, Atlanta, GA 30303 | Phone: (404) 720-0797 | e-mail: info@patternarch.com